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is a house a good investment Also, weightage of top 5 holdings is less in case of UTI. It will surely help you in selecting BEST NPS FUND MANAGER and Top NPS Funds for Investment. LIC Pension Fund is one of the best NPS Fund in term of returns. If you too are searching for a safe and cost-effective retirement scheme, you might have come across the National Pension System (NPS). Now, even if you made high returns while accumulating the NPS, the poor returns on the forced annuity will make sure that all the benefits are literally undone. By now, you must be clear that NPS returns are purely dependent on the selection of NPS Fund Manager and asset allocation type.

You have various options for making a selection. If it is mandatory for you to contribute to NPS then you do not have any choice but to contribute. Here, assume that you are 55 years of age and opted for Aggressive Life Cycle Fund, wigs for kids,then 75% of your asset will be in Government Securities, 10% in Corporate Securities and rest 15% in Equity. Government employees have to mandatorily invest 10% of their salary into NPS Tier-1 account. So most employees prefer to take away all retirement benefits such as a pension, gratuity, PF, etc in the form of a lump sum, which they are free to invest or spend anywhere.

The Centre made NPS scheme mandatory for all the employees who joined the service on or after January 1, 2004. It has since been adopted by most state governments also. Are you one of those who are suffering this dilemma? However, you should keep in mind that you or the person who is picking them up shouldn’t criticize your spouse for drinking. If you are a person in the highest tax bracket, that is a straight Rs.15,600 back in the pocket. DA. Means this would straight away add to your retirement savings. ” But remember, I told you that the 32 lakhs out of the 82 was locked into a lower returning annuity, which means that the 32 lakhs actually worth only 16 lakhs. Similarly, the disadvantage is the compulsion to purchase an annuity, although only 40% of the accumulated corpus needs to be converted into an annuity.

Annuity plans offer safety of capital but fare poorly on liquidity and the returns are lower than comparable schemes ( for reasons explained earlier). Yes, we do. Most Insurance companies offer “Annuity” plans. These annuity plans have different variants, but at its core, an annuity plan offers a fixed amount of pension every month/ quarter/ annually against a lump sum amount deposited with the Insurance company. In such circumstances, having a regular pension, howsoever small the amount may seem, surely gives a lot of comforts. In case of Death of Subscriber: The entire amount is paid to nominee of the subscriber. Two Investment options are offered to the subscriber.

We are stuck with the scheme and we do not wish to be in such a situation in our retirement years. Even in aggressive allocation 75% of equity exposure remains only till 35 years of age and keeps reducing in later years. Even if the money is not given away but invested, say in a house, there could be problems of liquidity. The longer he will remain invested, the more time his money will get to grow. These fund managers invest money in equity and equity related instruments. Corporate Fixed Income Instruments other than Govt. 1. Asset Class E : Invest in equity market instruments. You need to decide asset class as well as percentage allocation for each schemes. These funds are also doing well in terms of returns, downside risk and consistency. It is for the investor to decide as performance and costs are good characteristics of NPS that make the latter shine brighter than its expensive counterparts Such as Mutual Funds.

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